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Sleep well while we take care of alerts, customer error reports and make sure your system is flawlessly running.

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Design your infrastructure together with our expert knowledge to avoid costly refactoring processes later on.

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Imagine that someone is always watching your back. Day and night. We make sure your business is running 24/7.

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Avoid spending too much of your time on solving infrastructure problems, analyzing performance metrics, fiddling with alert thresholds.

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We are in this together

You have your idea, a product or a service you develop. Our goal is to develop the tooling and procedures around your product to make sure it runs, scales and seamlessly recovers from failures.

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It is very easy to decide. Is running your infrastructure a core business for you or it’s an extra hassle (employ Ops/SRE people, manage on-call rotations, extra compensations, covering public holidays). Even if you are a bank your core business isn’t running your infrastructure. It may be a hard requirement that your service must be running 24/7 and serving your clients. It is *our* main responsibility to make sure your infrastructure is secure, up-to-date, running with zero outages. Therefore its our focus finding the best operations, infrastructure, SRE experts who will contribute to your success story while you’re focusing what you do best.
We fully embrace Devops, DevSecOps, GitOps and aim for adopting these practices for our clients. We’ve worked with small companies to large enterprises introducing and improving devops (the cultural shift) as well as devops tooling metrics collection, pipelines, immutable infrastructure, etc. None of these solutions make errors magically go away or result in fewer alarms. On the contrary, delivery pipelines get faster, triggering more releases and with increased number of deployments come increased number of problems. This is where BraveOps come in, giving a helping hand in defining infrastructure that’s measurable, actionable, fault-tolerant, secure, up-to-date and not last running continuously fulfilling your SLA and exceeding your expectations.
First we need to understand the nature of the products/services you're running so we know how to handle issues when they arise. We believe in full end-to-end monitoring of the entire stack, it may be a simple call from one user to another or making a purchase and verify the outcome for a user's perspective or a complex task like browsing ui, adding/removing content, logging in/out, etc. This way we not only look at individual app/infra metrics but we see the system working as a whole. Individual errors are still monitored and checked up on the next day but it's important to separate noise from signal.
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“We walk the talk”

Braveops not only help you build an infrastructure. We are on your side running it. We take care of incoming alerts, monitor your systems, handle error reports and everything else day and night to ensure you can focus on your core business, may that be building apps, crunching numbers, manufacturing goods. We guarantee that we have our eyes on your business while you’re sleeping and dreaming about the next big thing.

The Braveops way

Save money on skipping costly hiring process, save time on delegating building infrastructure components and save those important sleeping cycles for better productivity.